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Going the Distance poster

Going the Distance

The parting was hard, because feelings had not yet subsided and it is very difficult to come to terms with the victory. He is alone and abandoned by all, life seems to him just lost meaning. He goes to the nearest bar to drown his sorrows in a glass of something strong. And then fate played a cruel joke with him-he accidentally meets a young girl. Erin is a fun and cheerful, Garrett feels light and forgets about their losses.

There is only one drawback-it is not local. Young people leads to each other, and they decide not to leave until morning. Meet dawn, however, and spend each day of summer only. So it is important to see the next favorite eyes, inhale the scent of beloved, caress favorite body, hear the voice. A couple of unbearably leads to each other and even hour spent in separation causes the entire evening then they can't leave and stop talking.

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